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Xenophone: On Horsemanship

Xenophone, born in 431 BC, is considered the first 'natural horseman'. He writes of the ethological needs of a horse, and the importance of earning trust and patient teaching: "necessarily the young horse will acquire—not fondness merely, but an absolute craving for human beings. A good deal can be done by touching, stroking, patting those parts of the body which the creature likes to have so handled". (II)

The Effects of Equine Assisted Learning on Emotional Intelligence Competencies and Leadership Skills

Jade E. Rauen, Eastern Kentucky University (2017)

Rauen draws on contemporary EAL and EQ research to bring together leadership programs and argue their horses natural ability to demonstrate and teach leadership skills for the modern workplace. Rauen’s references comprise a comprehensive reading list for anyone wishing to further explore themes outlined in this article. 


TED Talk: 

Everything you know about addiction is wrong. 

"The opposite of addiction is not sobriety; it's connection"